Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter craft.

It appears I'll be blogging once a month. Whoops. My roommate and I made an Easter wreath the other day and I actually thought to take pictures so I could put it on here! I got the idea from my mom, who I believe got the idea from Southern Living. You'll need:

plain wreath (I used a green plastifoam)
plastic eggs (depending on what size wreath!)
glue gun & sticks
hook or wreath hanger (I used a green 3D hook)

If I could do it again... I would opt against the shiny ribbon. eek. Also, I wanted a straw wreath but they were all sold out! With that you wouldn't have to wrap it in ribbon.

If you get the horrendous plastifoam wreath, work the ribbon around it. I just taped it at the beginning and end. Then, attach the ribbon to hang it with. I didn't want to knot it, so I put a dab of hot glue to keep it from sliding. There is no method to placing the Easter eggs--just have fun! Easy as that!

I know Easter is about way more than plastic eggs and bunnies... but I love crafty, cute activities!

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.." 1 Peter 1:3

Thursday, March 3, 2011

ramble #2

So... turns out I am going to share my second obsession. Fashion. Shopping. Bargains. The three combined are the most fantastic combination. But who doesn't love a good bargain?? So yesterday my roommate and I decided to paruse the dresses on sale at Belk. As much as I miss Parisians, I do love that Belk almost always has a sale section. They have a few 30% off racks, or you can make a beeline [like me] for the 75% off original price with an additional 50% off. Yes, you heard right! Though I could have easily done a lot more damage, I left with 2 dresses, a grand total of $37.93, and a savings of $241.52.

Honestly, I never would have paid full price for the dresses, but it still is a sweet steal. And not because they aren't adorable, but it's just not feasible for me to spend that on clothing. So, if you are looking for a pleasant shopping experience, and savings galore, head on over to Belk. The shoe section is always nice as well :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ramble #1

Well, I’m finally sitting down to start a blog. I can’t promise that I will update it like I should… but it’s a beginning. My two motivations for blogging are:  friends who have adorable & helpful blogs and my foodie heart. I will be upfront in saying that most of my rambling will probably be about my love for food [such as my journey to eating heathy, favorite restaurants, and cooking successes and failures]. If I find something awful or wonderful it will end up on here.

All of that being said, let’s get on with it. 

I’m an addict of greek yogurt and can’t tell you the last time I’ve had “regular” yogurt [besides the always yummy fro-yo]. I just love how much protein is packed into that little container of goodness.  Without naming names, let’s suffice it to say that I have tried my fair share of greek yogurts.  To save you from the headache of options, finally deciding on one to take home, only to sit down to a nice snack and.... heartbreak.  A not so worthy “greek" disaster [which is what is spurring my decision for this to be my first post.]  So don't even bother looking... just pick up some Chobani.  It’s the best I’ve found. Hands down.

If you are like me and care what you are eating, you will be happy to know that Chobani does not use thickening agents like some "greek" yogurt posers.  It's the real deal.  The nutrition label is pleasantly simple.  I read recently that you can tell a fake greek if it contains gelatin, corn starch or milk protein concentrate.  The real stuff should also be packed full of protein.  Be on the look out for at least 13g.

I believe the length of this post about YOGURT shows my huge appreciation/obsession for Chobani.  So run on over to your local supermarket, and stock up on a very filling treat!  Chobani will even send you coupons if you'd like:

A company after my own heart.